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Do you find yourself lacking the joy and pleasure in life that you once felt? Do you feel tired, disorganized, lost, fearful or unmotivated?

"Finally! Find Pleasure In Everyday Life Again"

(So you DON'T have to live this way forever or become dependent on medications)

​Discover Proven Methods To:
Find the motivation for everyday life again
Find pleasure in activities and hobbies you used to find enjoyable, but somehow lost interest
Learn how to keep yourself motivated and energized to pursue your dreams
Shirley Furman - Get Your Life Back!

Dear Friend,


Do you seem to feel more and more unhappy, unmotivated, tired, disorganized, lost or fearful these days? Or maybe you just feel like you are stuck in a funk that you can't get out of?


Trust me, you are not alone. Exacerbated by the covid pandemic, feelings of a significant lack of joy, disconnection from others, worry and hopelessness are all on the rise as we’ve all tried to navigate ourselves through the many obstacles this crisis has brought with it.

If you want to find joy in life again, learn how to overcome your fears that are hindering your progress, or even if you just want to find ways to energize your body and find new sources of motivation to achieve your dreams, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

In today's uncertain and difficult times, it is getting increasingly harder to find joy in the things we used to do or find hope in planning for the future. Sometimes we all need a little help finding our way into the light again. Learning techniques to help you find your joy and direction again can mean the difference between merely surviving daily life and thriving with joy!

"Shirley Furman is an excellent therapist. She has changed my life in so many ways.
I have had the pleasure of working with Shirley Furman on a wide variety of challenges that I have dealt with over several years. She is a compassionate professional that not only can accurately assess a variety of underlying issues, but can also map out successful treatment options. This is why I have continued to see Shirley.


I first met her when I experienced a stressful event that triggered depression, anxiety and insomnia. Shirley used a variety of tools such as DNA testing, relaxation and meditation recordings, and medication along with teaching me how to use reflective problem-solving skills to help me get rebuild healthy sleep patterns.


This was the critical foundation for addressing the fallout of the stress-induced event. Shirley’s background in nursing along with her unique counseling skills were instrumental and they are what set her apart from others in this area."

Here's how and why I can make you this promise...

My name is Shirley Furman and I'm an expert Integrative Mental Health Therapist who can help you regain your joy and pleasure in everyday experiences and help you get your life back on track!

In 25 years, I have helped thousands of individuals overcome a wide variety of fears, stressful life events, anxiety, worry and sleep issues; all with amazing results.

My integrative therapies will help you find the motivation and energy you need to find happiness and fulfillment in life again.

Every minute you wait is another minute your life if consumed with dullness, a lack of energy, fear, anxiety, worry and stress and these symptoms are keeping you from the joy, calm and stress-free life you deserve.

Seventy percent of people in the global workforce say this has been the most stressful 12 months of their lives, with 78 percent saying their mental health has been affected, according to a study by Oracle Corp., an Austin, Texas-based software company, and Workplace Intelligence, a Boston-based consulting firm. More than 80 percent of U.S. workers claim that they're stressed. 


In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Will Get...

You'll know exactly how to implement the solutions I offer - so you can wake up with the joy and motivation to conquer your day.

You'll understand why this lack of motivation, interest and pleasure is hindering your ability to make sound financial decisions and not allowing you to achieve your financial dreams and goals.

You'll skip past the endless self help "guides" and get to the root cause of why you suddenly seem to lack interest in everyday life and the people around you.

You'll know exactly how to recognize when the lack of interest, hopelessness and self defeating thought patterns are overwhelming you and you’ll know exactly how to stop these harmful worry cycles before they have a chance to ruin your day.

You'll no longer have to deal with the chronic hopelessness and fatigue of never knowing if you'll enjoy everyday life again and the hobbies and people you love the most. Let us help you get back to YOU!

"Shirley Furman is the BEST practitioner I have ever found to help me cope with and overcome my issues of anxiety, pain from being overweight, insomnia and fear of flying. I had given up hope of ever feeling 100% again. She has been a miracle worker for me!


Her demeanor, is so welcoming and immediately I felt a connection. Shirley is so genuine, caring, empathic and so gifted in how she approaches the issues I bring to her. If you think you are out of options, you aren't. Shirley Furman will help you find your way back to your best self, help you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals."

Once you begin implementing these solutions you will have the tools you need to start climbing your way out of the darkness and start enjoying everyday life again the way you were intended to!

When you are happy and engaged with those around you, think about how at peace you'll feel when you know you are grounded, content, thriving and bringing joy and light into the lives around you.

When you finally to begin to take pleasure in all the things you used to, think about how great it will feel to finally have the direction and motivation you used to feel when you were pursuing  your dreams.

See yourself being happy and content with who and where you are in life.

"Shirley is valuable and unlike any other healer I have met. After spending years seeing over 20 therapists, doctors and healers and trying all kinds of techniques, I finally found Shirley... She incorporates eastern and western methods to heal all aspects of your being; body, mind and soul. She has many healing tools including sleep optimization, prescribing of medicine, gene testing, hypnotherapy, counseling, CBT, CBTI, education and more. She is like a therapist and a psychiatrist in one but with a spiritual awareness. This is rare. I am grateful to know her and have received her help on my healing journey."


Shirley Furman Integrative Healing - Get Your Life Back!

So Here's The Bottom Line With My Integrative Healing Therapeutics

You get a free staff consultation and Joy Assessment focused on the steps you can take to recover your joy.

Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in an integrative approach with psychiatry, hypnotherapy and sleep enhancement, the combination of these modalities significantly improves the effectiveness and quality of the healing experience.


We also address nutrition and lifestyle and I can prescribe medication if needed. We focus on enhancing the brain, body and emotional states.

If you have experienced a recent lack of interest in hobbies, feelings of not caring anymore, not feeling any enjoyment in activities that were previously considered pleasurable, a loss of sexual interest and desire, whatever the case may be, let us walk you step-by-step through our integrative approach to regaining the pleasure of life again.


No matter what you are struggling with, I have the tools to help you get back to you, so you can start enjoying life again.

What do you have to lose?

Our Integrative Healing Therapeutics will show you exactly how to find joy in life again... we will take you by the hand, step-by-step so you can learn how to overcome the fears that are hindering your progress... I will help you find new ways to energize your body and find new sources of motivation to help you achieve your dreams!

So go ahead and click the button below.


My Practice Manager will reach out to you for your free Joy assessment. Click the link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more. Let's get started right now!


To your health, success and joy in the future!

Shirley Furman, PMHNP

P.S. Every minute you wait, your health, wealth and quality of life will continue to deteriorate.

It is time to make a change NOW so contact us today and take charge of your life!

Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

How exactly do you help with fatigue, loss of interest and motivation?

Shirley offers integrative sleep therapies as a part of her integrative approach to mental and behavioral health. This includes but is not limited to medication, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), clinical hypnotherapy, guided imagery, mindfulness, nutrition and exercise guidance, meditation and more. 

Do you accept insurance?

Not directly. We operate outside of the restrictions of insurance so we can provide the best quality of care.

Shirley is happy to provide you with a Superbill so you can submit it to your insurance. If you have PPO Insurance and your deductible has been met, most PPO insurance plans reimburse around 50% of Shirley's fees.

Do you treat quarantine/pandemic fatigue?

Yes! Shirley is helping people every day that are feeling exhausted and stuck from the ongoing world crisis.

Do you accept Medi-Cal or Medicare?

Shirley does not accept Medi-Cal or Medicare and is considered a "Non-Provider". Medicare and Medi-Cal will not reimburse you for Shirley's fees.

How many sessions will treatment take?

This varies depending on the type and severity of issue(s). Many clients experience benefits within a week or two. The speed and degree of improvement varies and is influenced by each client's commitment and desire for change.

Do you offer video therapy (telehealth, telemedicine)?

Yes! Shirley offers HIPAA compliant phone and video therapy.

Shirley Furman Integrative Healing - Get Your Life Back!
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