Rates & Policies

*Most clients with PPO insurance (who have met their annual deductible) are typically reimbursed for around 50% of Shirley's fees. 

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Service

85 Minutes - $497

*Includes recording for reuse.

Psychiatry, Therapy, Counseling, Hypnotherapy

85 Minutes - $425

55 Minutes - $345

25 Minutes - $195

*Offered after initial consultation

15 Minutes - $95

*May be offered for medication checkups. Telehealth only.

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept all major credit cards and the easiest way to pay is with Ivy Pay.

  • Please keep in mind that there is a 2-day cancellation/reschedule policy. If it is critical that a client needs to make any changes, they must do so more than 2 days prior to avoid being charged the full amount for your session.

  • It is the client's responsibility to make sure he/she has sufficient medication to last to his/her next appointment. Client's should check the prescription bottle for remaining refills and contact his/her pharmacy if unsure.

  • Shirley does not bill insurance directly and her fees are the client's responsibility. If needed, Shirley can provide a Superbill that the client can send to his/her PPO insurance for reimbursement. 

  • Shirley is a Non-Provider for Medi-Cal and Medicare. 

    • ​Shirley Furman, PMHNP does not participate in Medicare.  Shirley Furman has not been excluded from Medicare under sections 1128, 1156, or 1892 or the Social Security Act. By law, Medicare-eligible patients are required to enter into a private contract with Shirley Furman, PMHNP and she delivers medical care on a a fee-for-service basis, which is NOT reimbursable by Medicare. By accepting the treatment contract with Shirley Furman, PMHNP, the client agrees not to submit a claim for payment under Medicare for services rendered, even if such items and services would otherwise be covered by Medicare. This means that you agree not to bill Medicare nor ask Shirley Furman, PMHNP, to bill Medicare, for her services rendered to you.

  • Shirley does not prescribe stimulants, pain medication nor medication for Bipolar Disorder (Mood Stabilizers).

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*Please note, all appointments are currently being done via remote telehealth/telemedicine and phone calls.

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