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*Please note, Shirley is an "Out of Network" provider. Read more here.
*Also, please note that Shirley does NOT treat Bipolar Disorder or prescribe stimulants or pain medication.
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Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis)

Shirley is a Certified Hypnotherapist by the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy (IACH) and has been practicing for over 6 years.This allows her to guide clients into very deep healing that would not be possible otherwise. 

Hypnotherapy has been well-validated for its efficacy in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic bad habits, smoking addiction, post-surgery pain, sports challenges and more. Numerous cognitive neuroscientists have conducted studies that have revealed that only 5% of our cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behavior) is conscious whereas the remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner. Hypnotherapy works with this phenomenon rather than against it.

Hypnosis is a state of mind, whereby the conscious mind becomes less critical, allowing the subconscious mind to accept suggestions more readily. While in hypnosis a person's senses are "heightened" as is their level of awareness. They experience a quieting of the mind, which enables them to accept positive suggestions.
Every person goes through the state of "hypnosis" naturally several times a day. Right before falling asleep at night and awakening in the morning, that physically drowsy feeling, where the mind is still aware of the environment. Children are in hypnosis while they are "mesmerized" in front of the television. Hypnosis is completely natural.

The very word hypnosis causes confusion. It was coined in the eighteen hundreds from "Hypnos" the Greek God of sleep. Unfortunately, by the time it was realized that there was no connection between hypnosis and sleep, it was too late. Various euphemisms have been used to describe the state of mind called hypnosis: creative or guided imagery, autogenic training, suggestive therapy.

Sessions are recorded confidentially so that clients can use them as frequently as they wish.