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*Please note, Shirley is an "Out of Network" provider. Read more here.
*Also, please note that Shirley does NOT treat Bipolar Disorder or prescribe stimulants or pain medication.
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Integrative Psychiatry

Psychiatry Done Differently

If you are suffering from depression, fear, anxiety, obsessive/racing thoughts or panic attacks and you think you need help but you don't know where to go or who to trust, you are in the right place.

If you can't sleep well or you suffer from insomnia you are also in the right place.


If you have tried other therapies or medications before but didn't get the results you needed, you can trust that Shirley approaches mental health in a unique and holistic way that yields deeper and more effective healing.

Shirley Furman specializes in helping people overcome:

-Depression & Grief

-Anxiety & OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

-Panic Attacks

-Sleep Issues & Insomnia

-Fears & Phobias

What To Expect?

Shirley practices psychiatry holistically with compassion. She integrates other therapies such as counseling, hypnotherapy and sleep enhancement which significantly improves the effectiveness and quality of the healing experience.

Shirley often recommends gene testing through Genesight and EEG brain testing through MYnd Analytics. These affordable tests are optional and can be done in her office. The data from your saliva and brain scans significantly enhances the prescribing process. 

Shirley listens to your feelings and seeks to understand what you are going through. She gets to know your main issues, obstacles and struggles. Then she makes sure she understands your needs and goals for treatment and healing. Then you decide together which therapies and/or medications will be best for you.

Some of the medications she offers include:


-non-addictive anti-anxiety medication

-non-addictive sleep aids

-medications to wean off addictive meds

Why Shirley?

Shirley has trained most Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP) in Orange County. She has been on talks shows and given lectures as a trusted leader in the industry. She has years of experience practicing psychiatry and often has lower rates than other psychiatrists. She is well known for being a great listener and practicing mental health from the heart.

Some highlights about Shirley:

-She has over 20 years experience

-She constantly attends workshops and retreats to stay updated on current science and medical discoveries

-She is 5-Star top rated


Initial Consultation (50 Minutes)

Medication Management (25 Minutes)

* Offered after First Appointment

Please be advised that Shirley does not treat Bipolar Disorder or prescribe:

Stimulants, Pain Medication, or Mood Stabilizers