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Onpatient Sign-up & Superbill Instructions

Step 1) Sign Up With Our Patient Portal, Onpatient

*If you have already signed up please skip to Step 2

You should have received an email invite like the screenshot below. *You have 7 days to sign up before the link expires.

onpatient - invite.jpg

Please open the email and follow the instructions.


*If your invite has expired, please let us know and the team will send you a fresh invite.

Superbills - Step 2
Step 2) Sign In & Receive Superbills

Once you have successfully signed up for onpatient, please let Shirley know so the team can send you your respective superbill(s). *We cannot send you any superbills until after you have signed up. *You only need to do this once. After you have successfully received your first superbill via onpatient, the team will automatically send them to you within a week of each session.

Every time you receive a superbill via onpatient you will receive an email notification that looks like this screenshot below. 

onpatient - superbill message.jpg

Click on the link to sign in to onpatient.


This will take you directly to Messages -> Inbox where you can view and download your superbills. It looks like the screenshot below.

onpatient - check for superbills.jpg

We hope this helps.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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